Rejuvenate Marine Bilge Cleaner N Degreaser 32 Oz

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Keeping your bilge clean will help keep these items clean too and help avoid costly maintenance tasks downline.

  • Non-Toxic Formula Cleans, Degreases, Removes Sludge
  • Nanotechnology bilge cleaning formula
  • Cleans degreases and removes sludge
  • Eliminates odours naturally leaving a clean fresh scent
  • The powerful formula is safe and non-toxic
  • Perfect for once a month bilge cleaning
  • Emulsifies water and oil for later disposal


Powerful Cleaning Performance

If there's a bad smell on your boat, and you've already checked your fish box and live well, it's time to look at the engine compartment and bilge areas. Scum, water, grease, oil and fuel can accumulate in the bilge area leading to rust, corrosion other problems.

To keep your bilge in good repair, use Rejuvenate Marine Bilge Cleaner and Degreaser. Routine cleaning prevents the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria, prevents the formation of rust and corrosion of important equipment, and eliminates foul odours.

Fast and Easy Results

To clean your bilge, first, remove any drip pans or absorbent pads you have installed under your engines. Then pour the bilge cleaner on the dirty areas to help emulsify and bind with all the dirt, grease and grime. If the bilge is dry, add a few gallons of water then let the product sit for up to an hour. The natural motion of the boat, as you travel across the ocean, will gently agitate the bilge cleaner.

For really stubborn stains, use a small brush to gently scrub away the grime. To finish this boat cleaning chore, wipe up all traces of the bilge cleaner, with sponges or towels, and collect and store everything in a bucket for proper disposal when you return to shore.

Pro Cleaning Tips

Pro Tip 1 - Regular inspection of your boat's bilge will let you stay on top of any potential problems such as a buildup of water or a possible leaking fuel line.

Pro Tip 2 - Make sure you follow local boating regulations when cleaning this smelly area of your boat and don't dump or pump your bilge water into the local waterways unless you want to incur a hefty fine!

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