Guardsman Fabric Cleaner Level 1 250ml

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Guardsman Fabric Cleaner Level 1 is an effective multi-stain spot cleaner that works to eliminate everyday stains and spills from fabric and textiles. Use to remove food, beverage, cooking oil, grease, permanent marker, lipstick and human and pet bodily fluids. 

Safe for use on most household and automotive fabrics (furniture, mattresses, carpets, drapes, etc.) without fading or discolouration when used as directed.


- Food, Beverage, Cooking oil

- Grease, Motor Oil, Tar

- Permanent Marker, Lipstick, Nail Polish Marks

- Human and Pet Bodily Fluids

How to use:

First test the product in a hidden area to ensure it is suitable for use on your furniture. Avoid use if you detect any colour change.

  1. Apply directly onto a clean cloth and gently blot over the stain repeatedly until it disappears. Do not rub!
  2. To help prevent ring formation, dry the area using a hair dryer on cool setting, careful not to overheat fabric. 


  • If unable to remove stain with this product, we recommend you use Guardsman Deep Fabric Cleaner Level 2, great for stubborn stains.
  • When cleaning spills, start from the edges to prevent stain from spreading.
  • Blot spills as soon as they occur. Never rub aggressively.
  • Great for removing stains from furniture, automotive fabric upholstery, mattresses, carpets and drapes.


*Do not use on silk, may not remove artificial red dyes from some fabrics.

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