Gardena Aquaroll S Set W 25 Meter Classic Hose, 13 mm (1/2''), OGS Parts & Spray Nozzle

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Hose Trolley Set with the convenient handling

  • The GARDENA AquaRoll S enables space-saving storage of the garden hose
  • The large, sturdy crank reliably rewinds the hose
  • Innovative frost-resistance and a 5-year warranty guarantee maximum quality "Made in Germany".


Gardena AquaRoll Trolley S Hose Pipe Set 25m with System Parts and Spray Nozzle

  • Hose length 25 m
  • Hose Diameter 13 mm
  • Max. capacity 40 m 13 mm (1/2"), 30 m 15 mm (5/8"), 25 m 19 mm (3/4")
  • Ready to use set
  • MPN: 18502-28
  • EAN: 4078500034210

Top product quality

GARDENA German-made quality products stand for trusted performance, reliability and continual innovation.

No dripping water after use

The anti-drip device prevents water from leaking out after use or while transporting the hose trolley.

Maximum water flow

The angled hose connection on the inside of the reel prevents the hose from bending. This consistently guarantees maximum water flow

Space-saving storage

The handle can be lowered for space-saving storage of the hose trolley in the garage or garden shed.


Innovative frost-resistance for extended durability.

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