Gardena Aquaroll M W 30 Meter Hose + Fittings

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  • The GARDENA AquaRoll M is a convenient and space-saving storage solution for a 30-meter garden hose.
  • The ergonomic crank with soft plastic components makes it a breeze to rewind the hose after use.
  • The hose comes complete with Original GARDENA System Parts.
  • The nozzle is hung on the practical holding clip on the top frame.


  • Set: Classic Hose, 1 x Cleaning Nozzle, 1 x Water Stop, 3 x Hose Connector, 2 x Tap Connector, 1 x Adapter
  • Frost protection: Yes

Kick&Stand – High standing security

The specially formed fold-out foot guarantees high standing security. This eases the task of watering, as the hose trolley stays in place even when the hose is pulled.

Practical holding clip

After use and for transporting, the end of the hose or the watering accessory can be hung on the practical holding clip on the top frame.

No dripping water after use

The anti-drip device prevents water from leaking out after use or while transporting the hose trolley.

Maximum water flow

The angled hose connection on the inside of the reel prevents the hose from bending. This consistently guarantees maximum water flow.


Innovative frost-resistance for extended durability.

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