Fix-O-Moll Magnet-Tape Ferrite Adhesive 2.5 Meter X 20 mm


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  • strongly adhesive
  • strong magnetic hold
  • easy to cut with scissors
  • versatile and creative


pacemakers - people with pacemakers should avoid magnetic fields.

The self-adhesive magnetic tape from fix-o-moll is ideally suited to magnetically equipping light things such as memo pads, photos, posters, presentations, pictures and much more. The magnetic tape is self-adhesive on one side and can simply be cut to size with scissors and glued to the back. All objects then adhere by themselves to all metallic surfaces. The advantage of this method of attachment is that the note or motif on the front is no longer covered by a magnet.

The magnetic tape can also be glued to smooth surfaces such as cabinets or doors. Smaller metallic objects such as pens, scissors, drills or small tools can thus be fixed and organized directly on the tape.

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