Fix-O-Moll Anti-Skid Felt Pads Self-Adh Brown 25 mm 9 Pcs


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  • Carefully remove dirt and grease from the surface to be glued.
  • Always use rubbing alcohol (isopropanol) to clean the adhesive surfaces in order to ensure optimal bonding.
  • Remove the protective film from the felt pad to be glued and press it onto the cleaned surface. Make sure that the felt pad is fully pressed down.
  • Do not move the piece of furniture that has been stuck on for approx. 1-2 hours to ensure the best possible adhesion.


  • Colour: brown
  • Contents: 9 non- slip felt pads , diameter 25 mm x 3 mm

The fix-o-moll ANTI-SLIP self-adhesive felt pads with non- slip knobs prevent furniture, smaller furnishings and decorative items from slipping. Furthermore, laminates, tiles and other smooth surfaces are safely protected from scratches and damage by the gentle and noise-absorbing felt layer.

The unique combination of self-adhesive felt gliders and foamed anti-slip nubs ensure slip resistance and protection for furniture and floors at the same time.

Important tip: All types of felt pads should always be checked for wear and dirt and, if necessary, replaced at an early stage to avoid damage to floors, furniture and surfaces.

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