Black & Decker 6-in-1 Floor Extension Steam Mop

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    • 6in1 steam-mop ™ with detachable handheld multi-purpose portable steam cleaner and accessories
    • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs- no chemicals required*
    • Ready to use in 15 seconds
    • Easy to fill water tank just add tap water
    • Easy Glide microfibre pad for ultimate pick up performance, lasts over 100 wash cycles


    • Product type: Steam-mop
    • Usage: Floor and above-floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning
    • Floor types: All sealed hard floors
    • Power rating: 1300 W
    • Cable length: 6 m
    • Preheating time: 15 sec
    • Micro-fibre pads: 2
    • Accessories included: 4
    • Colour: White & Aqua
    • Steam method: AutoSelect
    • Self standing: No
    • Easy cable release: No
    • Water level indicator: No
    • Anti calcium system: Yes
    • Tank illumination: No
    • Use cases: Cleaning all sealed hard floors, Clean shower screens, Upholstery steaming, Clean stainless steel, Clean mirrors, Refresh carpets
    • Includes: 1 x Flexible accessories hose 1 x Window squeegee 1 x Small Brush 2 x Standard pad 1 x Microfibre cover for squeegee

    The steam mop is equipped with a SmartSelect™ steam dial which shows various hard surface cleaning applications. To change the application, turn the SmartSelect™ steam dial until the correct operating mode for your particular hard floor surface is selected.

    *The dial has an "off" position. There will be no steam flow when the dial is turned to this position

    *For garments and carpet, set the dial to to the Wood/Laminate setting.

    *Do not use on any unsealed hard floor surfaces. Additionally, on surfaces that have been treated with wax or some no wax floors, the sheen may be removed by the heat and steam action. It is always recommended to test an isolated area of the surface to be cleaned before proceeding. We also recommend that you check the use and care instructions from the floor manufacturer.

    Using the SmartSelect™ steam dial, choose from one of the following applications. The steam mop will select the correct volume of steam required for your particular cleaning operation.

    Steam Mop Cleaning

    1. Place a cleaning pad  on the floor with the ‘hook & loop’ side facing up.
    2. Lightly press it down onto the cleaning pad.
    3. Plug the steam mop electric cord into the outlet.
    4. Press the ON/OFF button *It takes approximately 15 seconds for the steam mop to heat up.*
    5. Turn the SmartSelect™ steam dial to the desired setting to activate the steam pump. After a few seconds steam will start to come out of the steam floor head at the rate corresponding to the SmartSelect™ dial setting. *If the system has been run dry it may take up to 30 seconds to prime the system on first use. It takes a few seconds for steam to enter the cleaning pad. The steam mop will now glide easily over the surface to be cleaned.
    6. Push and pull the steam mop slowly across the floor to thoroughly steam clean each section.
    7. When you have finished using the steam mop, turn the SmartSelect™ steam dial to off, unplug the steam mop, and wait until the steam mop cools down (approximately five minutes).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Black and Decker Steam Mop good?
    Black and Decker's steam mop is a great alternative to your usual mop and bucket. It is designed for use on all sealed floors and designed to be simple to use. It has a swivel floor head that makes it easy to manoeuvre, and the floor head glides over the flooring smoothly.

    Can I use Black and Decker Steam Mop on carpet?
    Carpets can be refreshed using the Black and Decker steam mops. Black & Decker steam mops are designed to clean and sanitize sealed hardwood, laminate, vinyl, ceramic tile, stone, and marble floors, as well as refresh carpets. The appliance is intended for indoor household use only.

    Is steaming floors better than mopping?
    While steam mops can sanitize your floors, traditional mops are better for spills and quick accidents.

    How often should you steam clean your carpet?
    It's a good idea to have your carpet steam cleaned at least once a year, twice if you track in a lot of dirt. By doing so, you get a good, thorough cleaning and don't let dirt build up.

    How often can you steam clean your tiled floors?
    Kitchens and other areas with heavy traffic should be cleaned more often. For such areas, once per week should be adequate. A lower frequency of cleaning is necessary for areas with low traffic. For example, the floor in your bedroom can be cleaned every month.

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