3M Scotchbrite 2-in-1 Eco Spin Mop Bucket T0

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  • Special 100% Microfiber mop head that can absorb water well and trap dust efficiently
  • Anti Splash Design
  • Long mop hair allows more floor surface coverage
  • Easy clean microfiber mop head is highly absorbent
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The durable stainless steel rod that allows 30,000 cycles*
  • Large water capacity (7.7L)
  • Easy replacement of mop refill


Care Instructions

To reduce product damage:

  • Make sure that mop is in the middle of the baseplate during replacement
  • Store the spin mop in a dry place away from sunlight.
  • Clean water should be used. Be careful not to exceed the suggested water level (min and max) in the bucket which can affect cleaning and spin-dry of the mop: reduce drying effect or cause water splashing out while the spinning.
  • Do not use water above 50t when cleaning and washing the spin mop.
  • Do not place the mop bar upside down to avoid damaging the rotating structure.
  • Do not clean mop fabrics with softening, oxidizing, bleaching or highly corrosive detergents.
  • During cleaning and drying operations. please control the action on (ho rod accord ng to personal strength and use condition.
  • Please pay attention to whether the bucket is damaged and leaking before each use. Do rot continue to use when water leakage is found.
  • Do not immerse the mop rod and cloth tray in water (or a long time to avoid damaging the product.
  • Please avoid direct contact with high-temperature surfaces.
  • When mopping the floor underneath furniture, please avoid the mop panel colliding with the furniture or puling the panel forcefully, which can result in multi-direction head siding.

To reduce the risks associated with an impact which, if not avoided, could result In minor or moderate injury:

  • During cleaning and crying operations, avoid the body and clothes to touch the spinning parts (the mop head and the man handle).
  • For safety considerations, do not allow kids, old persons or persons who cannot use the product properly to use the product by themselves.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not use for any purpose other than the product description.
  • Before use, please read the usage instructions and cautions to avoid personal injury and product damage.
  • When mopping the floor, don't put too much pressure or improper force on the mop to avoid injuries caused by unstable body centre of gravity.

To reduce the risk associated with contaminant which, if not avoided, could result in minor or moderate injury:

  • Replace the mop head regularly (recommend the user to replace the head every 3 months to ensure hygiene and cleanliness).

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