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  • Oil additive helps improve fuel economy
  • The product enhances power and performance
  • Helps reduce the build-up of harmful deposits
  • The formula is compatible with all types of motor oil


Recommended for use with every oil change

3M™ Oil Additive offers multiple benefits to car and truck owners, including better fuel economy, enhanced vehicle performance and reduced engine wear. Our oil additive is easy to use by simply pouring into the engine oil reservoir when the oil is changed.

Greater Fuel Economy with Better Performance

Motor vehicle engines are complex systems with many moving parts that can perform better with 3M™ Oil Additive. Our additive reduces the build-up of harmful deposits that can lead to sludge inside the engine, which in turn can improve fuel economy and boost performance. Car owners can save money at the gas station with better fuel economy and enjoy a more satisfying ride with more power and performance on the road, making the use of an oil additive a small but wise investment in car care.

How Additives Help Engines

Oil additives contain chemical compounds that remove contaminants and lubricate moving parts in an engine. By working more freely, moving parts operate with greater efficiency and less wear and tear, potentially extending the life of internal combustion engines. Additive works with both petroleum and synthetic oils, which can break down over time.

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