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Kill Common Household Ants with Harris Ant Killer. Perfect for Sweet Feeders.

  • 9 Bait Trays Per Pack - Spread bait trays over a large area for maximum effectiveness. Ants will seek out the sweet liquid bait and bring it back to the colony
  • Kills All Common Household Ants - Harris bait is intended for sweet eating ants or sugar ants. These include Acrobat ants, Argentine ants, Carpenter ants, Little black ants, Pavement ants, Pharaoh ants and many others
  • Contains Borax - Borax, a naturally occurring mineral powder, is the active ingredient
  • EPA Registered - Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for indoor and outdoor use
  • Kills the Queen and the Colony - Because borax works slowly to kill, it allows the worker ant time to get back to the colony to share the bait with other ants


  • WEIGHT: 0.5 lbs
  • DIMENSIONS: 6.2 x 1.2 x 4.7 in

To use Harris Liquid Ant Bait Stations, simply pour a few drops of the liquid ant killer inside a bait tray and place where ants are seen. The use of several bait trays is recommended for optimal success. Inspect bait tray placements and re-apply liquid ant killer as needed.

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