Your Guide To Moving House In Singapore - Things To Do On The Day Of The Move (Part 2 of 3)

Congratulations on purchasing your dream home!Things To Do On The Day Of The Move - Congratulations on purchasing your dream home!There is nothing like the excitement of becoming a new homeowner. Whether you have purchased your new BTO apartment or finally upgraded to that condo unit, “home is where the heart is,” and many of us hold the saying near and dear to our hearts.

This is why planning and preparing for your move is essential to ensure that you and your family can comfortably settle down in the new home.

Over at O’Here, we have compiled a comprehensive three-part guide to make the transition as seamless as possible so you can quickly secure your happily ever after.

This is part 2 of our 3-part mini-series – “Your Guide to Moving Houses In Singapore”, where we guide you through the little things to look out and prepare on the actual day of moving.

The process of moving houses can be a stressful experience whether it is your first BTO or an upgrade from your current housing. Fret not! We got you.

Click here (part 1) if you have not checked out the first part of this mini-series, which gives you an idea of things to do before moving into your new home.

Read on for a checklist of the essentials.

Things To Do On The Day Of The Move

Oh, the excitement!Things To Do On The Day Of The Move - Oh, the excitement on moving day!

The day to move in has finally arrived. Here are some things to prepare for a stress-free move to avoid chaos during the most critical twelve hours on moving day.

Whenever you are faced with a chaotic situation, remember that being calm and collected goes a long way.

Starting The Day Right

You will need a lot of energy to power through moving day. Make sure you have  prepared yourself physically for the big day.

  • Get Sufficient Rest

Head to bed early the night before so you have sufficient rest for the big day. Allow your body ample time to recharge, so you will wake up refreshed and ready.

  • Order A Wholesome Breakfast

Things To Do On Moving Day - Order A Wholesome Breakfast

“Breakfast” is often referred to as the most important meal of the day. Order a yummy breakfast to fuel your day.

Are your family and friends helping you move? Ask them to come over earlier to enjoy the meal together.

  • Dress AppropriatelyThings To Do On The Day Of The Move - Dress Appropriately

Pick out well-fitting clothes made with breathable materials for comfort throughout the day. Say no to baggy clothing, which can get caught during the move and cause you to trip.

Wear comfortable shoes with anti-slip soles for an accident-free move.

  • Fully Charge Your Phone

Ensure you have a full battery for the day. The last thing you want is to be caught in a situation where you cannot communicate during an emergency.

 Getting Ready

This is it! Just a few more things to take note of before the move begins.

  • Pack Some Snacks

Prepare some healthy snacks like nuts and biscuits for the team to keep hunger pangs at bay and spirits lifted during the move.

  • Draw Up A List Of Emergency Contact Numbers

Things To Do On The Day Of The Move - •	Draw Up A List Of Emergency Contact Numbers

 Prepare three sets of emergency contacts – one to be kept in your old home, one to be held in your new home and one on hand.

Include the contact details of your family and friends involved in the move, your moving company and anyone you may need to be in contact with during the move.

  • Put Together A Checklist For All The Items To Be Moved

Have a list of all the boxes and furniture to be moved to your new home. This will help with keeping track of your progress during the move.

  • Establish A Clear Role For EveryoneThings To Do On The Day Of The Move - Establish A Clear Role For Everyone

Let everyone helping with the move understand what their role requires them to do.

Have an alternate arrangement for the little ones and furry members during the move? Make sure someone is assigned to take them there before the move begins.

Remember to assign someone to be present at your new home before the movers arrive.

  • Keep A Safe PathwayThings To Do On The Day Of The Move - Keep A Safe Pathway

Examine the pathway (from your doorway to the vehicle) you and the movers will use for the move. Remove any potential hazards or hindrances along the way for a smooth moving process

  • Organize The Boxes/Furniture Into Groups

Things To Do On The Day Of The Move - Assembling The Boxes/Furniture Into Groups

Keep the packed boxes and furniture in their respective rooms. By moving the boxes/furniture in the order of the rooms, the movers will not need to move back and forth while unloading in your new home.

Ensure all the boxes have the address of your new home and your contact number written on them. If any box gets misplaced during the move, there is still some hope of recovering them.


Moving Process

  • Communicate Your Plan Clearly
    • Professional Movers

 Things To Do On The Day Of The Move - Communicate Your Plan Clearly

If you have professionals hired for the move, greet the movers with a friendly hello when they arrive. Show them where everything to be moved is placed in your old house and inform them of how you would like the move to happen beforehand to prevent miscommunications.

For items that require additional care, consult the movers on how they can be protected during the move — for example, wrapping them up with additional protective coverings. Letting them know about this beforehand can also help keep the movers informed so they will pay more attention to these items during the move.

If you have obtained special permission (for example, approval for the mover to park in resident lots), keep them up to date on these arrangements.

    • Family & Friends Team

Things To Do On The Day Of The Move - Family & Friends Team

If your families and friends are the ones helping out with the move, walk them through your plans. Let them know which items require additional care so they can take extra precaution while moving them.

Remember, safety comes first! Give each of them a pair of gloves with a good grip to prevent accidental injuries. Ensure everyone has a bottle of water with them at all times to avoid dehydration.

  • Important Things To Take Note Off
    • Plan out the sleeping arrangements for your first night before hand. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where your bed is all wrapped up behind a mountain of bulky boxes with no one to help you out.

Things To Do On The Day Of The Move -  important things

  • If you have children or pets in your family, create a safe area for them before picking them up.
  • Cooking make be inconvenient for the first few days after moving into your new home. Prepare a stockpile of drinkable water and snacks to tide you over.
  • Make sure your essential bags have safely arrived in your new home. (Missed out on the first part of the mini-series? Check it out here)
  • Check to see if all your boxes and furniture have been delivered to your new home before the day is over.


Final Sweep

Once everything has been moved out of your old house, do a final check.

  • Triple Check For Anything That Might Have Been Left BehindThings To Do On The Day Of The Move - Final Sweep
  • This is probably the last time you will be in your old house. Keep a look out to see if there is anything left behind.

    • Cleaning Up For One Last Time

    Leave the house ready for its next occupants, check if any rubbish is left behind and do a quick clean-up.

    • Take Some Final Photos

    Take photos of every room before handover as proof of the house’s condition and avoid a possible dispute with the new occupants.

    Remember to take a photo of the meter as proof of the meter reading too.

    Share your new address in the note so the new residents know where to forward your mails.

    • Lock The Doors

    Once you have settled everything in your old house, it is time to say goodbye and lock the doors.

Things To Do On The Day Of The Move - The move is finally over!

You deserve a round of applause! The move is finally over! Pick up the little ones and furry family members, and return to the embrace of your new home.

Stay tuned for part 3 of our 3-part mini-series – “Your Guide to Moving Houses In Singapore”, where we guide you through the final checklist after moving in.

Meanwhile, visit O’Here! for your moving essentials!

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