Better Ways to Stay Productive When Working from Home

Whether you need a quiet space to WFH, write report papers or attend an online meeting, check out our top tips for creating a home space that will help you WFH efficiently. 

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Top Tips for Creating a Great Home Space.

Choose the right location.

When it comes to productive home space, location is key! Most importantly, it would be best if you chose a quiet place in the house, away from the central part of the house's hustle and bustle.

Good options include your a spare room, a home office or any other quiet corner of the house where you can set up a desk that you can dedicate to working from home.

Clear desk clutter

Make sure you only keep the essentials on the surface of your desks, such as a laptop, notepad, pens and essential books. It's a good idea to tidy messy charger cables with VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Ties and keep them neat, organized and out of the way.

Go digital

These days it's easy to go digital and eliminate most papers from your workspace. Is your desk cluttered with little notes that remind you to do something? There are digital solutions to those reminders.

Migrate your calendar, to-do list and memo pad to your computer — and sync them with your devices for greater accessibility and utility. Most digital productivity tools come with a notification option which you can set for an appointment or tasks. That's a way to have more workspace.

Check under your desk.

Don't underestimate the importance of legroom. Your legs need space too. Move any boxed and files stored under your desk, so your feet can wiggle. Tidy your cables!

Wipe it down

Keeps your desk, keyboard, monitor and phone clean. A clean workspace definitely will lift your mood. Add to this some fresh air, and your productivity for sure gets a boost.

Last but not least, don't forget to tidy up your workspace with VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Ties. And follow our blog for more tips and advice!



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