Hardwood Floor Restoration for Beginners

Do you know how much it cost for Hardwood Floor Restoration in Singapore? The Answer is approximately $30-$60 per square meter.

Don’t worry; Rejuvenate is here to relieve your concern, particularly if you’re new to caring for hardwood floors. Rejuvenate has all the products you need for your hardwood floor restoration project! Hardwood floors require special care to help them look their best. That’s why Rejuvenate offers a variety of products for hardwood floor restoration no matter if you’re new to owning them or have had them for years. Hardwood floor restoration projects don’t have to be complicated, especially when you use the right products. You’ll be able to do it yourself thanks to our hardwood floor products that provide professional results without the expensive price tag.

Products That Leave A Satin Finish

There’s something beautiful about a satin finish on hardwood floors. But the reality is that a satin finish is hard to come by after years of wear and tear on hardwood floors. However, Rejuvenate’s hardwood floor restoration products can get you that beloved satin finish after just one application! You’ll see your dull hardwood floors transform right before your eyes, with a gorgeous satin finish to top it off! With Rejuvenate’s Wood Floor Restorer with Satin Finish offering, you’ll get the hardwood floors you’ve always wanted after one easy, mop-on application.

Amazing Wood Floor Shine

Everyone wants impressive wood floor shine, but many don’t attain it because they’re using the wrong products. Rejuvenate’s floor products not only give you fantastic wood floor shine, but they do it with ease. You don’t have to get on your hands and knees to apply any product or spend hours at a time going over your wooden floors to achieve the wood floor shine you crave. You’ll be able to achieve it after just one mop-on application!

Easier Laminate Floor Care

Rejuvenate has the best products for all your home’s floor surfaces. Your bathroom’s laminate floors need special care to look just as good as the hardwood floors throughout your home. That’s why Rejuvenate also offers easier laminate floor care. You’ll be able to have fantastic laminate floors and hardwood floors using the same trusted brand for both surfaces!

Floor Shine That Can’t Be Beat

Don’t trust your coveted floor shine to just any generic brand or product. Not every product is created equal or can give you the floor shine you want. Rejuvenate’s formulated numerous floor cleaning products with powerful ingredients that get you a perfect floor shine time and time again. Whether it’s laminate floor care or wood floor products, you’ll love the shine. 


If floor shine is what you want, floor shine is precisely what you will get with Rejuvenate’s floor products!



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