City Gardening in Singapore with Gardena - Tips & Benefits

Gardena is the premier choice for millions of gardeners and plantsman. A German brand, recognised for providing superior gardening products to help with all of your gardening needs, no matter how large or small your green space is. We know how passionate you are about your garden and lawn care, and we share that passion with you. 

Established in 1961, Gardena started as a small company, and now it is distributed in over 80 countries worldwide, including here in Singapore. The Gardena team is working non-stop to create innovative, durable gardening products. Gardena is always on the frontier, from robotic watering systems, intelligent pumps, smart garden tools to city gardening. Using Gardena tools is a sure way to make your garden flourish with ease.

Your greenery is important to us, whether you're just starting, it's in its infant stage, or fully blooming, whether in a garden or on your balcony. We want to help maximise your results and minimise your efforts. 

Did you know it is proven that working in your green zone at least thirty minutes a day will elevate happiness and confidence? And there are so many more profound and emotional benefits!

What Are The Benefits of Gardening?

There are so many rewarding benefits for taking the initiative to start your first garden! Regardless if it's merely a few flowers or a complete vegetable garden to grow your own food. With the help of Gardena smart products, you can easily automate a lot of repeating tasks too.

Nearly 80% of the population in Singapore lives in HBD flats, that should not deter you from starting your first garden or expanding your current garden. City Gardening or balcony gardening is growing vastly in popularity all over the world. And there are so many benefits like,

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Increase happiness
  • Boost vitamin D 
  • Grow organic fruits and vegetables
  • Protects against memory loss

These are not opinion-based benefits either! Each of these benefits has been substantiated by scientists. For example, getting dirt under your nails and breathing in M. vaccae, which is a bacteria in the dirt, has been proven to boost serotonin, enhance your mood, and reduce anxiety.

How to Make Gardening Easier

For your plants to grow, you need air, light, stable temperature, water, and time. Luckily, Singapore has the perfect weather, providing all of the light, air, and temperature needed to let the green magic happen. However, we understand as a working professional, your time is of the essence, and watering is very time-consuming.

At Gardena, our focus is to create smart gardening products that can save you time, feeding your garden the water and nutrients it needs, so you can continue to focus on your busy life. There are two automated water feeding products we've recently designed that we recommend above all to care for your plants when you're not there.

Automated Watering Micro-Drip System

The Gardena Micro-Drip System is a modular, convenient irrigation system that will save you water and time while feeding your plants the nutrients and water they need. There is a combination of easily attachable nozzles, so you can decide between using a potted plant feeder, flowerbed sprinkler, or vegetable patch dispenser.

An automated irrigation system will pay for itself with the amount of water and time you will save. It will not lose water to evaporation, and there is zero maintenance involved because of the self-cleaning labyrinth cleaning technology. There are so many benefits to using a Gardena micro-drip feed system like,

  • Save up to 70% water
  • Save countless hours of time
  • Healthier and stronger plants
  • Permanently sustainable irrigation

You do not have to worry about installation men either. It's a simple and effortless installation, easy to expand at any time. The Gardena Micro drip is fully automated, all of the settings are easily controlled from the Gardena application on your phone, or you can let the soil moisture sensor do the work for you! It's truly that easy. 

Holiday Water Set with Water Container

We understand city gardening means you need to be space-efficient. You might not have enough room on your balcony for an automated micro-drip system, and that's ok because there are alternatives. The Gardena holiday water set is the perfect choice for balcony gardening. It includes everything you need to automate your balcony garden while saving space and money. 

You can automatically water up to 36 potted plants, simply add to the water container and insert the 14v water pump, there's no need ever to connect to tap water. You can configure each of the 12 outlets so your plants that need more or less water will receive the exact amount. You can use the holiday water inset indoors or outdoors. The Holiday Water Set with Water Container comes complete with::

  • 9-litre water container
  • Transformer for automation
  • 14v Water pump 
  • 3 Drip distributors with 12 outlets each
  • 9m and 30m drip pipe
  • 36 Pipe pegs and 20 end caps

There are three drip distributors, and each distributor can connect to 12 outlets, feeding 36 plants in total. You can customise each of the outlets with either a 9m or 30m drip pipe to control the output. The transformer controls the timer, so you can easily apply your desired, automated timeframe. Perfect for taking a vacation, or leaving for extended periods.

5 Best Balcony Plants That Are Edible

Now that you're ready to start growing a luscious garden on your balcony, there are several fast-growing and edible plants we recommend you try planting. Regardless if you're in a small apartment or large apartment with Gardena smart tools, you will produce quality produce!

Herbs - We can all agree shopping for herbs is costly but necessary to flavour a dish. Now you can easily grow Basil, Parsley, Rosemary, and even Thyme, with relative ease.

Garlic - Are you excited by the idea of never having to purchase Garlic again? Well, it's one of the easiest plants to grow and can easily grow in abundance and can last up to six months before going bad!

Cherry Tomatoes - All good salads have Cherry Tomatoes, sweet and explosive with flavour, especially when home-grown. This fruit is very easy to grow at home and tastes much better than store-bought tomatoes.

Chillies - This resilient plant loves Singapore weather. Depending on the chilly you plant, it can take anywhere from 60 to 100 days to grow, but it's well worth the wait if you want to add some heat to your home cooking.

Beans - There are a wide variety of beans that you can plant. However, it's essential to have space so the plant can go upwards, that shouldn't be an issue for even a small balcony. Beans can store for 2-3 years after harvest before going bad. Two or three crops per year will last you a very long time.

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