HG Beeswax Yellow 500 ml

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Looking for yellow beeswax for your furniture? HG beeswax yellow is a beeswax polish for example for clear, stripped and antique oak, which naturally nourishes the wood. This prevents drying out. provides a satin gloss and a warm colour. This yellow beeswax is suitable for all other wood types and provides extra shine and warm colour, also on discoloured stains. -Nourishing yellow beeswax for wood, prevents drying out -Yellow beeswax gives extra shine to wood



How do you use HG beeswax yellow? Follow the steps below for correct use of HG beeswax yellow.

  • 1. Shake the yellow beeswax well before use.
  • 2. Apply HG beeswax yellow to the surface and polish with a soft cloth.
  • 3. Leave the yellow beeswax furniture polish to penetrate for approximately 15 minutes.
  • 4. Then polish the yellow beeswax until the furniture shines.

Do you want to treat dark wood types? We advise HG beeswax brown. For lighter wood types use HG beeswax.

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