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With the GARDENA Holiday Watering Set, up to 36 potted plants can be automatically watered. In this way, you can conveniently water your plants without the watering can - and you will have an ideal substitute when you are absent. Over three different distributors, each with 12 outlets, various water supply requirements for certain plants can be assigned. The fully sealed low-voltage transformer can be used both indoors and outdoors

To calculate the water quantity:

The Holiday Watering system allows up to 36 plants to be watered (by using one drip pipe per plant). Here, all 3 drip distributors must be used.

Drip distributor: There are 3 drip distributors with different daily application rates. Each drip distributor has 12 connections for drip pipes.

  • Light grey: For plants with low water requirements (application rate 15 ml per day = slightly less than a shot glass).
  • Medium grey: For plants with average water requirements (application rate 30 ml per day = 1.5 shot glasses).
  • Dark grey: For plants with high water requirements (application rate 60 ml per day = 3 shot glasses).

Calculation example:

  • You have:
    • 8 plants with low water requirements (15 ml/day)
    • 6 plants with average water requirements (30 ml/day) and
    • 3 plants with high water requirements (60 ml/day)

  • One drip pipe should be used to water each plant.
  • The water quantity should be sufficient for 14 days.

Daily requirement

  • = 8 x 15 ml+ 6 x30m1+3x 60m1
  • = 120 ml + 180 ml + 180 ml
  • = 480 ml - 0,5 litres

Water quantity for 14 days

  • = daily requirement x days
  • = 0.5 litres x 14 days
  • = 7 litres


  • 1. Fill the container with the previously calculated amount of water (make sure that the container stands in a secure position)
  • 2. Place the pump In the container filled with water (make sure that the pump is level with the bottom of the container).
  • 3. Connect the pump (2) to the power adapter (1).
  • 4. Plug the power adapter (1) Into an electrical socket. The watering will start for 1 minute and the control indicator (Lc) will Illuminate green.
  • 5. During the first watering, check all connections for leaks. The watering will be repeated daily at the same time as the power adapter was plugged In.

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