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The GARDENA Fully Automatic Flower Box Watering irrigates up to six metres of flower boxes, automatically. For independence from the tap, the flower box watering can be operated directly from e.g. a rainwater tank.


To calculate the water quantity and container size:

The Flower box watering set allows up to 25 plants (when using one drip head per plant) to be irrigated to a maximum length of 10 m.

With the accessories from the GARDENA Micro-Drip System (supply pipe, pipe pegs and drip heads), a max. of 40 drip heads may be connected to the pump.

The supply pipes must be distributed to all 3 connections of the pump.

Example calculation:

  • You have 8 plants (e.g. in 2 flower boxes) and each plant should be watered with a drip head.
  • Each plant should be irrigated once a day with 0.1 litres.
  • The amount of water should last for 10 days.

8 (drip heads) x 0.1 litres x 10 (days) = 8 litres

To start the watering

  • 1. Fill the container with the previously calculated amount of water (make sure that the container In a secure position).
  • 2. Place the pump In the container filled with water (make sure that the pump is level with the bottom of the container).
  • 3. Turn the rotary switch (11) to the OFF position.
  • 4. Connect the pump (2) to the watering control (1).
  • 5. Plug the watering control (1) Into an electrical outlet
  • 6. Turn the rotary switch (11) to the desired watering program. The watering starts and the control lamp (Lc) Illuminates green.
  • 7. During the first watering, check all connections for leaks. If the watering program is to be changed, the rotary switch (11) must first be turned to the OFF position.

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