Black & Decker 2-in-1 18V Li-On Floor Smart Tech Vacuum/Hand Stick Vacuum


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  • A self-standing design vacuum cleaner that makes the vacuum cleaner ready to use anytime.
  • Also equipped with the Auto Sense feature that can adjust the level of dust suction automatically, from the floor to the thick carpet.
  • With the Smart Charge Technology feature, this vacuum cleaner also allows for battery charging in just 4 hours.
  • In addition, the Filter Sense feature will rank users to replace the filter from a vacuum cleaner if it is full.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Black and Decker a good vacuum brand?
Black & Decker vacuum cleaners receive very good consumer ratings and reviews, averaging about 8.9 out of 10. The brand offers an extensive line of models, so there is always one that suits your needs. They are well-designed and easy to handle.

Are handheld vacuums worth it?
The portability of handheld vacuum cleaners is one of their most obvious benefits. Whether you're cleaning the interior of your car or getting rid of spiderwebs along the ceiling, a handheld vacuum can get to places an upright cannot.

Why does my Black and Decker vacuum keep shutting off?
It is possible that the battery is faulty. If your handheld vacuum keeps shutting off, it is usually a problem with power. If this problem persists after charging your vacuum, your battery could be faulty. Replacing your battery pack might help.
If your vacuum motor cuts out when it's warm, it may be that it's overheating. A blocked filter may be to blame. Dust particles can build up over time and clog the filters, making it difficult or impossible for cool air to flow into the motors. To learn how to clean your vacuum cleaner's filters, consult the user manual.

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