3M Scotchbrite W3 Mini PVA Sponge Strip Mop

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  • Unique butterfly squeezing mechanism provides controlled and complete squeezing
  • Butterfly squeezing mechanism allows the sponge to fit any bucket
  • High-density PVA sponge for better absorption & cleaning
  • PVA sponge absorbs a large amount of water with ease
  • PVA sponge picks up even the smallest of dust particles
  • Adjustable handle and easy to change refills
  • New generation PVA allows the sponge to soften within 1.5 minutes

3M Scotch-Brite™ Quick-Dry PVA Sponge Mop allows you to clean effectively without getting your hands dirty! With its unique butterfly squeezing mechanism, you get controlled and complete squeezing with just a pull of the handle. It flushes fully on the floor, allowing you to clean faster and easier. With its 45° angle mop plate, the butterfly-squeeze sponge mop fully flushes onto the surface, giving you the ultimate cleaning effectiveness. The new generation of PVA allows the sponge to soften within 1.5 minutes!

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