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  • Highly effective cleaning with no harsh chemicals- just use water!
  • Innovative white polymeric foam erases hard-to-clean stains, marks and scuffs
  • Unique blue urethane layer holds water to keep pad moist, provides durability and keeps hands away from messes
  • Pad will not scratch glass, ceramic tile, fiberglass, porcelain, Formica®, Corian®, metal, marble, stainless steel, plastic, vinyl, and most wall coatings
  • Ideal for white boards, counters, walls, chairs, benches, play equipment and more


  • Size: 5.2" x 2.8"

Scotch-Brite Erasing Pad is a handy eraser pad effective for removing crayon, pen, dirt, smudges, scuffs or hard water stains. It works on most solid surfaces without the use of chemicals.

Hard water stains

  • Wet the pad, squeeze out any excess water
  • Use the white side to rub gently and erase the mark or stain
  • Blue sponge side can then be used to wipe away any dampness or residue.
  • White layer will wear away with each use. Discard the pad after multiple uses when the white foam has disintegrated.
  • Not recommended for use with detergents and sanitizing cleaners
  • May dull glossy plastic or other soft surfaces and may change the appearance of some painted surfaces
  • Test first in an inconspicuous area using light pressure
  • Do not use with bleach.
  • Not recommended for aquariums

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